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Post by [OW] itzTyrael on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:33 pm

Use the BOLD text below.

Steam Username:
Steam I.D.:
# of VAC bans:
# of server bans:
Why you want a Staff position (atleast 1 paragraph):
What you think having a Staff position means:
1. You're currently a backseat moderator (someone who helps moderators protect the server/community), and you're well known throughout the forums and server. One day, the owners decide to give you official Moderator status. While you're on that day (you are the only staff member on), a hacker comes on and demands full server and rcon permissions. You have the power to kick or temp. ban users. What do you do?:

2. After dealing with about 9 hackers, you're promoted to Administrator and now can permanently ban users. An impostor comes on, claiming to be ☆Penguin The Fluffy, a SteamRep middleman. The impostor demands you give them full server access, or they will DDoS server. You know this is not the real Penguin. What do you do?:

3. You've become very well known throughout the community and SteamRep, and made an Overwatch middleman, a person who holds onto items from trade banned users. A trade banned user joins and asks if they can trade an unusual Bill's with you. Obviously, there's no such thing as an unusual Bill's Hat. You deny the trade and the user becomes very angry and spams their mic and repeatedly calls you a *CENSORED*. What do you do?

4. Who are the owners of Overwatch Trading?
5. Is Overwatch affiliated with Steam, VALVe, or SteamRep?
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