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Overwatch FAQ

Post by [OW] itzTyrael on Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:03 pm

NOTICE: Overwatch is not affiliated with VALVe, Steam, or SteamRep in any way.

What is Overwatch?
Overwatch is an anti-hacktivist and anti-scamming group inspired by SteamRep that partners with community admins to bring down cheaters and scammers.

Is Overwatch affiliated with VALVe or Steam?

What is a hacker?
A hacker is someone who uses illegal programs to gain an unfair advantage in games, or to cause chaos for businesses and gamers.

What is a scammer?
SteamRep Forums wrote:A scammer is anyone that uses deception, thievery, lies, or anything that is underhanded to take advantage of or steal from another trader.

What are the various tags, and what do they mean?
OW Donator - A user who has donated to Overwatch.
Admin - A member of the Overwatch Administration team.
VALVe Employee - An employee of VALVe Coporation.
Middleman - Trusted member that helps us find and bring down hackers or scammers.
Caution - User that has been reported less than 3 times of being a hacker or scammer.
Probation - User that is on trade probation by VALVe.
Trade Banned - User that is, or reported to be trade banned by Overwatch or VALVe Corporation.
VAC/Trade Banned - User that is or reported to be VAC and trade banned by Overwatch or VALVe Corporation.
Note: We are not able to VAC ban users. If you know a user that is VAC banned, report them immediately.
Reported - User that has been reported to be VAC banned or trade banned, and is under Overwatch probation.

What is Overwatch probation?
If a user is reported to us, and the evidence of them being trade/VAC banned is not false, they will be prohibbited to play games or trade for 1 week. If the reported user plays a game with hacks or trades while on Overwatch probation, they will be reported for suspicious activity and ignoring probation.

What happens if I have 3+ VAC banned/trade banned friends?
If this happens to you, you will be given a Caution tag. If you feel this is false, please appeal here.
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